The Brotherhood in Tunisia is receiving external support



The president of the Free Constitutional Party in Tunisia, Abeer Moussa, told Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that the list submitted to parliament stipulating that the Brotherhood is a terrorist movement witnessed objections from the representative of the “Brotherhood” and attempts to persuade the applicants that the list would contribute to the division of the Tunisian people.

Abeer Moussa added that there are foreign funds coming to Tunisia to support the Brotherhood, and indicated that the Brotherhood’s classification list on the terrorism list will prevent any support from it.

Abeer Moussa explained that the Renaissance movement presents itself as a civil party, but it is originally linked to the Brotherhood, in an attempt to attract the votes of Tunisians.

The head of the “Free Constitutional Party” had previously confirmed that “Al-Nahda Brotherhood movement linked to terrorism“.

“The Ennahda movement has been lying to Tunisians since 2011, and we want to reveal the fact that Ennahdha is linked to terrorism,” she said.

Moussa called on the Ministry of Justice “to investigate transparently the activities of the Renaissance” and urged Tunisians to have the courage to confront the movement.

Moussa stressed that “Tunisia is living in a foggy state because of government policy,” noting “corruption in the Ministry of Justice, which is controlled by Ennahda.”

She emphasized that the representatives of Ennahdha movement “move at night in Tunisian prisons,” accusing the prison authority of “facilitating the visit of Ennahdha deputies to detained terrorists.”

Moussa revealed again that she “interviewed the counter-terrorism office to look into the threats” she had received.

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