The date of the second wave of Corona Virus .. A pestilence professor answers .. Video


Islam Annan, Professor of Health Economics andEpidemiology, The more congestion, the higher the number of infections, and then the presence of scenarios most of which indicate the end of the first wave of the Corona virus in July or August, but with the entry in June and the result of movement congestion in the streets the curve will extend to August.

Islam Annan added, in a phone call to the DMC evening program broadcast on DMC, that the right policy is based on the worst scenario, commenting, “Get ready for it even if there is no problem,” noting that all viruses come in waves , And waves types are either less than the first wave, or at the same intensity as the first wave, or they are stronger and stronger than the first wave.

He continued: He is in a state of universe Corona Virus The novelty of the Corona family will be the second wave weak, and if it is from the seasonal flu family the second wave will be in the same strength as the first, but if it is from a family or like the Spanish flu then the second wave will be stronger than the first.

He explained that the date of the second wave according to the health organization in the fall or winter, pointing out that America is likely to be the second wave chasing the first wave, indicating that there is a possibility that the first wave of Corona virus will coexist with the second wave in Egypt as a result of the absence of social divergence.

He pointed out that the second wave sometimes comes in places other than the foci of the first wave, pointing out that in the absence of saturation or injury to a large number of individuals during the first wave, the second will be more powerful.

He pointed out that, according to the expected scenario, the number of injuries at the beginning of July will range between 2950 and 3100 deaths, and if that happens, there will be a breakage and a decrease in the number of injuries in August, as the month of August 5800 ends to 6000 deaths.

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