The daughter of the late Najib al-Rihani: “Mama has burst with him to talk to many girls.”


Relationships and society

Artist Najib al-Rihani

Gina Al-Rihani, daughter of artist Naguib Al-Rihani, revealed scenes from the life of her late father, confirming that her father got to know her mother in 1913 in France, when he was presenting the play “Ruffle Bay” there, and it was then that she needed foreign dancers to work with him in Egypt, ” My father liked Mama who was working as a dancer in one of the teams and married her, but she could not bear life with him and left him, “Mama got thirsty for him because he was talking to many girls.”

“Jenna” added, during a telephone intervention on the “Ninth” program, which was presented by the media Wael Al-Ibrashi, on “Egyptian TV”, that she was very much in love with her father, as he was helping her to solve all the problems that fall into it, “He was a patient person, I was in love with him because he was very calm, and he was explaining everything to me, I did not understand him. As for what was very sincere, she was only directing orders, but Baba unlike this, I was talking with him every need, he was very kind, and he had great patience. ”

My mother switched from dancing to sewing after her old age

She explained that her mother was a dancer, and when she got old she worked “stitching”, and she was always a source of happiness and goodness for her father, “When she floated from Baba, the financial matters did not go well with him and so he was looking for her whenever he went to Paris, until he learned that she left for Germany She got married there, “stressing that her father’s marriage to Badia Musabni was not based on a love story, rather it was more like an interest marriage.


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