The Dutch player reveals an agreement with Ireland to climb after a goal in Egypt


Dutchman Gailhouse, the Dutch national team player in the 1990 World Cup, spoke about the agreement that was made on the field with the Republic of Ireland to calm the game and climb together after England scored a goal against Egypt in the third round of the group stage.

The World Cup Group F group in Italy included the teams of Egypt, England, the Republic of Ireland, and the Netherlands. Each team had two points after the first two rounds, and the boarding at that time was two teams from each group in addition to the top 4 teams in third place.

“Three teams from the group qualified for the next round, so a draw for us was enough,” said Hans Gilhouse, speaking to the Irish RTE website.

He continued: “A whisper appeared on the field, well let us deal with the situation calmly, because England scored a goal against Egypt, and this was good for each of us.”

He added: “The last 10 to 15 minutes, it was just a state of calm and the possession of the ball, and this thing was translated between the two teams quickly and we both accepted it.”

The Egyptian team scored two points in the group stage, and if it drew with a goal to match it with England in the last round, everyone would have three points equal in the recorded and future goals, but the loss qualified the other three teams for the round of 16 in the tournament and Egypt was eliminated.


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