The English Premier League resumes its activity with a new reality amid “Corona”


Today, the English Premier League championship enters a new stage when the championship resumes its current season activities after a period of interruption of more than three months due to the outbreak of the newly infected Corona virus.

Aston Villa matches will be held on Wednesday with Sheffield United and Manchester City with Arsenal, which have been postponed for more than three months in the twenty-eighth stage of the competition.

Aston Villa coach Dan Smith said that the English Premier League will turn into a “football championship” as his team prepares for a new start this season, but in the “new normal world” where matches are held without fans until the end of the season, as part of preventive and preventive measures against a virus. Corona “the novelty.

The Corona epidemic has stopped the activities of the Premier League in England since March 13.

However, the tournament will resume its activities tomorrow, amid new government guidelines, foremost of which is the absence of fans from the stands.

The last completed game for Aston Villa was before the end of the season’s activities, when it lost to its host Leicester City 4/4.

The team hopes to provide a better show and result tomorrow, against Sheffield United.

In another match tomorrow, Manchester City, second-placed Manchester United, will meet Arsenal.

This match between the defending champion and the Gunners was the first match to be canceled last March due to the Coruna epidemic, after Arsenal coach Michael Artita was infected with this virus.

Unlike the two games, nine full stages remain in the English Premier League that will be completed over the coming weeks. Smith said the English Premier League would now look like a “mini championship”.

“We certainly learned many lessons. But the evidence for learning and benefiting is to put these lessons into practice now in the remaining games. I am very confident in our ability to do this,” he explained on Al-Nadi TV channel.

He added: “This is a completely new season, it is a ten-match soccer tournament … and we are ready for that.”

Some players expressed their opposition to the resumption of the competition’s activities, including Raheem Sterling, the star of the Manchester City attack and his colleague, Argentine striker Sergio Aguero, who explained that the players were “afraid” of their health.

But Sheffield United’s Ben Osborne does not have these fears. “Maybe the stadium is the safest place now and perhaps more than home,” Ben Osborne said on the club’s website.

He added: “You go to the supermarket and it is more dangerous than staying in a closed soccer complex where all precautionary measures are applied and there is sterilization for hands everywhere in addition to taking tests twice a week to detect HIV infections as well as checking your temperature on the gates.”

“It will be difficult, but we just have to commit ourselves to the next two months and keep ourselves as professionals,” the player stressed.

For every remaining match in the Premier League, a temperature questionnaire will be filled out and all individuals authorized to enter the stadium space and each club member will have a “medical passport” to confirm their status of “Covid 19” caused by the emerging coronavirus. No more than 300 people are allowed inside the stadium for every match.

Regarding travel, the English Premier League encouraged flying for the team on long trips. For shorter trips, up to three coaches may be used to keep players apart according to the distance of the social spacing, and other employees must travel individually in their private cars. Overnight accommodation is permitted in hotels, but the League urges that this option be avoided if possible.

The use of face masks (gags) will be optional and not mandatory, while using hand sanitizers will be mandatory upon entry to or exit from the red zone, which is the playing area and the space surrounding the green rectangle and the locations of players such as changing rooms and the tunnel leading to it.

For both Manchester City and Arsenal, the 100-day layoff has had positive results as some players recover from their injuries and return to the two teams.

Manchester City coach Josep Guardiola will have a full-fledged squad, including German player Leroy Sane, who has been absent from the squad since the start of the season last August due to injury.

Sani, 23, participated in the friendly matches that the team played in preparing for the resumption of the league, which also applies to the player Emeric Laporte, who is also returning from injury.

Arsenal has brought back defenders Kiran Terini and Hector Pelerin to its ranks. The two players participated in the team’s friendly match, which he lost 2/3 against Brentford.

And if Manchester City loses the match against Arsenal, Liverpool can lead the competition table by a difference of 25 to win the title if they beat their neighbor Everton next Sunday in the first match for the two teams after the competition resumed.

Liverpool is very close to winning the Premier League title this season, marking its first since 1990.

Before every match, one minute of silence will be observed on the pitch to mourn the lives of the victims of the Coronavirus. It will be an emotional and special moment for Guardiola, whose mother died in Spain affected by “Covid 19”.

During the first 12 games starting on Wednesday, the names of the players on the game shirts will be replaced with the phrase “black lives are important” as a kind of support for anti-racism efforts after the killing of black-skinned American George Floyd in a police operation in the United States of America.

The Premier League has also confirmed that it will support any player who chooses to “kneel on one knee” before or during the match.


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