The Ethiopian army is waving force in the dispute of the Renaissance Dam with Egypt – Ernews


The Ethiopian army is waving force in a row ...

Source: Sandra Maher – Toss News

The Ethiopian Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff, General Berhanu Gola, announced today, Friday, that Addis Ababa will vigorously defend its right to bridge Ennahda, and will not negotiate its sovereignty over the project, which sparks a sharp row with Egypt.

Washington newspaper quoted PostGeneral Berhanu Gola said: “The Egyptians and the rest of the world know well how we can manage the war whenever its time … The distorted account of Egyptian leaders about the largest hydraulic dam in Africa attracting enemies.”

The general accused Egypt of “using its weapons to threaten other countries not to take advantage of the shared water” and said: “Our path of progress must be cooperation and in a fair manner.”

The general’s statements were contradictory to the statement of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed Ali to the legislators earlier this week: “Diplomacy must be in the forefront to solve the outstanding issues in the file of the Renaissance Dam.”

The Prime Minister said at the time: “We do not want to harm anyone else, and at the same time it will be difficult for us to accept the idea that we do not deserve access to electricity, as we are tired of begging others.”

General Berhanos statement came in conjunction with talks between the irrigation ministers of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, after months of stagnation, as Ethiopia wants to start filling the dam reservoir in the coming weeks, while Egypt opposes the move.

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