The first comment from Mohamed Ramadan’s sister, after the media pioneers bullied her


Iman Ramadan, the sister of the artist Mohamed Ramadan, responded to the bullying of social media pioneers after her wedding photos.

Iman said on her Twitter account: “In the needs of one, it is born with a distracting right that he chooses, like its shape, its features, its color, praise be to God, I am very convinced in my form, and I do not have a problem with the people who see me, it is not sweet, but you can give your opinion to yourself and then learn that the good word is charity. .

Iman published Ramadan His brother Muhammad Ramadan A group of her wedding photos through her personal Instagram account.

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Commented Iman Ramadan On the photo, saying: “Praise be to God … whose grace is good, God willing, with some whole age … will be completed. I love you, O sense.”

The Giza Investigations arrested the husband of the sister of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, for holding his wedding today in a villa on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, in violation of the Cabinet’s decision to ban celebrations and gatherings.

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, celebrated the wedding of his sister Iman in a villa in Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, in the presence of his family and close friends.


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