The first Egyptian medicine to treat corona that reaches hospitals – One World – Arabs


A number of hospitals isolated the patients of the emerging coronavirus, began Friday evening using the first batch of “Ramsdevir Eva Pharma” in the treatment of “Covid 19” patients.

The deputy head of the Chamber of Medicine Industry in the Federation of Egyptian Industries and the managing director of the company, Dr. Riyadh Armanius, said that the “batch” includes 1100 packages donated by the company to the hospitals of the Ministry of Health and Population, Higher Education and Scientific Research, intended for the treatment of “Corona” patients, as a contribution to the efforts These national bodies to combat the spread of the virus in Egypt, and to treat thousands of infected people.

“Armanius”, in press statements today, that he expects the medication to contribute to reducing the patient’s recovery period, and thus his stay in isolation hospitals for “a third”, with his contribution to reducing the duration of stay on ventilators, and deaths due to infection of the new Corona virus, according to the newspaper News.

As for the hospitals that received the medicine, he said that they include Abu Khalifa Model Hospital, Qasr Al-Aini, Model Agouza, Zayed Al Nahyan, Al Obour, May 15, Ain Shams Specialist, and hospitals and other destinations.

He stressed that “Ramdesevier Eva Pharma” would not be used in “home isolation” cases, and that it should be used in hospitals and under medical supervision.
He stressed that the medicine will only be found in health isolation hospitals that are authorized to receive corona cases, and that any party claiming that it possesses the medicine for use outside hospitals is only a “quorum”.

He pointed to the company’s commitment to deliver any medicinal quantities required from “Ramdisevir” to Egyptian hospitals, in addition to negotiating with a number of countries to export the medicine to them in the next few period, explaining that it includes countries from Eastern Europe, Africa and Arab countries.

He pointed out that a single patient takes between 6 to 10 “injections” from “Ramsdivir Eva Pharma” during his treatment period, explaining that the production capacity of the company from “Ramsdivir” is 16 thousand injections per day, at a rate of half a million injections per month, with the company ready to make Urgent expansions to increase the productivity of the drug if needed.



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