The Football Association explains the reasons for holding onto the completion of the Egypt Cup and the league position


Ahmed Abdullah, a member of the five-year committee that manages the Football Association, confirmed that there are two clear reasons for Al-Jabaliyyas insistence to complete the Egyptian Cup competition, while admitting that completing the Egypt Cup is much easier than the league due to the small number of matches and they are only 9, and there are two reasons that make the completion of the championship Is necessary.

Abdullah explained in TV statements that the first reason is due to the fact that the Egyptian Cup championship is an experiment to implement preventive and preventive measures against the Corona epidemic during the remaining 9 games in preparation for the coming season. The second reason is that the Egypt Cup is the tournament for the Football Association, which represents the General Assembly of the Federation.

The former Zamalek star concluded his statements, saying the clubs are the ones who will determine the fate of the league and the Egypt Cup after the meeting of the quinquennial committee for them to take the decision on completing the football season during the coming period, stressing that the decision will be studied adequately and will be presented first to the officials before making any decision confirming that things are done well The cloud is clear and life returns to normal.

On the other hand, officials of the Football Federation’s five-year committee, headed by Amr Al-Janaini, will hold a meeting with 6 excellent league clubs next Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. at the headquarters of the Football Association to discuss their articles of association and the conditions for running for the Football Association elections, in addition to the perception of developing the system of competitions.

Walid Al-Attar, CEO For the Football Association That the meeting between the five-year committee will be held on Tuesday with 6 clubs from the Premier League, which are Al-Ahly, the Alexandrian Union, Enppi, Talai Al-Jaish, Misr Al-Maqasah and the Tigris Valley, then a meeting on Wednesday with the clubs of Zamalek, Military Production, Tanta, the Arab Contractors, Egypt and Aswan Club. El-Gouna, El-Ismailia, and the Border Guards, and that the clubs were divided due to the difficulty of meeting them all, in compliance with the conditions of the state in the social separation due to the Corona virus.


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