The Football Association: There are 13 corona cases in the league clubs .. and their condition is stable


Dr. Muhammad Sultan, Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Football Association, confirmed that Corona swabs showed 13 cases infected with Corona virus in the league so far.

He continued: “We continue to conduct surveys during the next three days for clubs, and we wait for Al-Zamalek and Ismaili to set a date for the surveys of their players.”

He continued: “There is no objection to adopting the result of smears for the league players with a company that is not agreed upon by the Football Association.”

The official website of Zamalek Club published a new statement regarding the players ’position after the team’s goalkeeper Mohamed Awad was infected with the Corona virus, after Hazem Imam, the team leader, issued a statement in the past hours, refusing to complete the Premier League championship for this season.

The new statement came through Shikabala and Hazem Imam as follows:

Mahmoud Abdel Razek issued “Shikabala” andHazem Emam A collective statement for the players of the soccer team in Zamalek club as the team leaders to announce the refusal of the players to complete the Egyptian Premier League competition at the present time for fear for their lives and the lives of their families due to the continued spread of the Corona virus and the increasing number of infected people.

In their official statement sent to the club’s board of directors led by Murtada Mansour, the players stated that one of their teammates, Corona Zamalek goalkeeper Mohamed Awad, was infected with it and it is not normal for players to ignore the matter and participate in the league competition, and that they look at their interests and their families as some consider their interests The character returns to the league without taking any considerations into continuing outbreaks of the Coronavirus.

The players stressed in the team statement that they do not accept any pressure to agree to play the league championship at any cost to them, even if the responsible sports authorities are resorted to, as FIFA stressed the freedom of the players to make their decisions regarding whether to agree to play in all countries, and therefore their right He refused to play until conditions improved, and it will not be risked after their colleague Muhammad Awad was injured.


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