The founder of the company, “Facebook” is losing $ 7.2 billion after a number of companies suspended their ads


Company founder


Erin Scott

“Bloomberg” revealed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost more than $ 7.2 billion, after a number of companies decided to stop dealing with his platforms such as “Instagram”, “Twitter” and “Facebook”.

These losses were recorded after the decision of “Coca-Cola” companies, “Unilever”, “Verizon” and other companies to stop publishing their ads on “Facebook” and its affiliate platforms such as “Instagram” and “Twitter”, accusing these news and social platforms, Failure to take adequate measures to remove messages and publications of a racist nature and misleading information.

Amid increasing dissatisfaction with his company’s policies, Zuckerberg said on Friday that the Facebook administration had no intention of granting any exceptions to messages that political figures posted on Facebook.

He stressed that “Facebook” intends to remove any messages calling for violence.

Source: Agencies


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