The head of the “Libyan Representatives”: We will formally ask Egypt to intervene with military forces if Sirte is penetrated


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Counselor Aqila Saleh, Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Armed Forces, said that the Libyan people, with all its components, whether in the West, East, or South, all support the efforts of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to stop the fire, inject the blood of Libyans, and maintain Libyan national security.

Aqeelah Saleh, in an interview with the Middle East News Agency at his residence in the city of Al-Qubba in eastern Libya, added that the Libyan parliament is the only elected and representative authority for the Libyan people, and its members have continued with various components of the Libyan people who are unanimous in supporting the efforts of President Sisi both in implementing the “Declaration” Cairo »To stop the ceasefire and resume the Libyan-Libyan dialogue, or prepare for a legitimate military intervention to support the Libyan people in preserving their capabilities and wealth from attempts by foreign powers to seize them.

The Libyan Speaker of Parliament extended his greeting and appreciation to President Sisi, stressing that his supportive positions for the Libyan people are historic and will not be forgotten by the Libyans, explaining that Sisi called for each party to remain in its place and for everyone to go for consensus through a political solution according to the outputs of the Berlin Conference and did not threaten or attack any party.

Saleh said that Sisi was not biased towards a position at the expense of a position, just as the intervention of Egypt is not support for one party over another. Rather, President Sisi always pushes all parties to dialogue and a peaceful solution, and always calls for reconciliation, understanding and reaching solutions.

Aqila Saleh also paid tribute to the Egyptian people, affirming that he has a long history in supporting Libya throughout history, expressing his confidence that Egypt will not let the Libyans down, not abandon them, nor leave them to an unjust or enemy who wants to attack the Libyan people.

The Libyan Parliament Speaker reviewed the historical relations that bind the Egyptian and Libyan people, stressing that Egypt’s men and leaders for several decades are supporting the Libyan people and sending food and medicine, and that Egypt witnessed the establishment of the Libyan army in 1940 and its support to liberate Libya from the occupation, indicating that Egypt is the shelter Secretary for everyone who wants security and safety.

He stressed that Egypt has not accustomed to anyone and has not interfered in the affairs of any country, just as it works for peace and calls on all parties in Libya to stand in their places and then turn to a peaceful solution our right to the blood of the Libyans.

Saleh said that in January he delivered a speech before the Egyptian parliament in which he stressed that the Libyan people may need the support of the Egyptian armed forces, and the Egyptian parliament, representing the Egyptian people, agreed to this demand.

Saleh added that the Libyan people formally ask Egypt to intervene with military forces if the necessities of maintaining Libyan national security and Egyptian national security require it, and that it will be a legitimate self-defense if the terrorist and armed militias cross the red line that President Sisi talked about and try to cross the cities of Sirte or Al-Jafra.

He said that in the event of penetration of Sirte, we will request the intervention of the Egyptian armed forces to support the Libyan army, and then the Egyptian intervention will be to protect their rights, explaining that if the militias cross the red line, the Egyptian intervention in Libya will be legal and based on the mandate of the Libyan people, because Egypt protects the Libyan national security At the same time, it protects its national security by securing its western borders and preventing militias from advancing in areas that pose a threat to Egypt’s security.

In response to a question about the Libyan National Army’s movement from its areas of control in the capital, Tripoli, Aqila Saleh said that when the Libyan National Army moved to Tripoli we were confident in its ability to liberate the capital from the grip of terrorist militias, stressing that the Libyan army was not greedy in power and did not aim Except to rid the Libyans of militias.

He added that the Libyan national army’s move from the capital Tripoli was correct after Turkey brought more than 15,000 mercenaries to the capital, which was calling for the use of greater force that might harm innocent citizens, so the army’s move was in response to international demands for a ceasefire and in line with the initiatives of the international community And that was crystallized in the initiative of the Cairo Declaration announced on the sixth of June under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Saleh explained that the pillar of the initiative is a cease-fire, which is an international demand and Egypt always demands, and then going to the negotiating table, which is the solution that the colonial powers and some Libyans who have interests reject.

The elected Libyan Speaker of Parliament stressed that the dialogue must not be marginalized or excluded to anyone, that all Libyans should be partners in power in all its degrees, as each region must be represented in the presidency and all authorities at all levels, because all Libyans are partners in the homeland and power, so there is no Exclusion and does not marginalize anyone.

He added, “We will not disagree on wealth or power, and we have a base for governance in Libya, and we are partners in everything, just as oil is for all Libyans.”

He clarified that everyone who does not want a ceasefire in Libya is a beneficiary of the chaos situation and wants to continue this situation to achieve his own interests, stressing that terrorist, armed and mercenary militias want to fight, plunder the wealth of Libyans and control the oil installations that are the right of all Libyans in the east, west and south, He explained that these militias and armed groups in the capital must be dissolved voluntarily or forcibly and hand over responsibility to the security institutions.

On the position of the international community on developments in Libya, Chancellor Aqeela Saleh said that there is almost a consensus among the international community that the Egyptian initiative is the solution to ending the Libyan crisis, as the Libyan parliament received wide reactions in support of the Cairo Declaration, such as Russia, the United States and a number of European countries. And the Arab, especially after the massacres that took place from the terrorist groups in Tarhuna, Misurata and western Libya.

Regarding the implementation of arms embargoes, Saleh said that they were implemented only on the Libyan National Army, but he is speaking day and night to armed militias, although the international community can completely stop the arrival of weapons, equipment and mercenaries to Libyan territory.

Saleh stressed that Libya is a country that respects its agreements, and that the Libyan people are responsible for all the international obligations that Libya is bound by according to the law, guarantees the rights of their owners and welcomes everyone and there must be an expressive authority on the Libyan people.

The Libyan Speaker of Parliament said that every sane Libyan should accept the ceasefire initiative, calling on the Libyans to seize this opportunity to resolve the Libyan crisis, stressing that the Libyans should pay attention now and realize that there is a conspiracy against Libya and want a solution.

He addressed a message to the Libyan people, in which he said: “We have stopped fighting, we have stopped war … We have the ability to solve our problems, but the cause of all our problems is external and apparent interference, and I call on everyone to inject blood.”

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