The Ministry of Health announces additional guidelines for proper wearing of the mask


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The Ministry of Health and Population has issued important guidelines for proper wearing of the mask, whether at work or in public places, to prevent the emerging Corona virus «Covid 19».

The ministry called, through its official page on Facebook, to wear the muzzle because the virus is transmitted through the scattered drops during coughing or sneezing, and ensuring that it covers the mouth and nose well.

It says in the instructions: “When you touch the muzzle of the mouth and nose, check that it does not cause you difficulty breathing, especially if you suffer from heart disease or the respiratory system.”

It also included oxidation on “wearing a muzzle in the workplace and public places where large numbers of people are present, and that the individual does not need to wear it inside the home.”

It recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly after touching the used muzzle to avoid transmitting the virus, and ensure that the used muzzle is valid until you properly perform its role.

The government obliges citizens to wear a muzzle in workplaces, public places, markets, government installations, banks and means of transportation, and anyone who violates the decision is liable to a fine of 4,000 pounds or imprisonment.

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