The Moroccan Film Center displays a third list of 15 Moroccan long films on the Internet


06/06/2020-Jawad Al-Kebbouri On the watch 22:00

Moroccan Film Center

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On Thursday (June 11th), the Moroccan Film Center announced that after the government’s decision to gradually reduce quarantine and maintain the state of health emergency until July 10, it will present to fans of seventh art a third list of 15 Moroccan films.

In a communication, the Moroccan Film Center explained that while the first wave of films was essentially important in relatively new films, the Moroccan Film Center refused to honor some of the names of the pioneering generation in Moroccan cinema in this second wave of programming, through works dating The beginnings of the seventh Moroccan art, including a number of immortal films in the national cinema.The same source added that, as is the case with the 36 films that were shown under the first two lists, each of the films of the third list will be shown on the Internet for 48 hours, as it will be possible to watch it throughout the hours of the day.

According to the report, up to June 10, more than 485,000 complete views in 101 countries were registered on the servers of the Moroccan Film Center.

The Moroccan Film Center concluded by expressing its pride in the enthusiasm shown by the Moroccan and international audiences of Moroccan cinema, once again thanks all those who have rights to these films who spontaneously and generously accepted to participate in this initiative and without any return.


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