The New Memories Channel 2020 frequency on all satellites to watch the best old movies in high quality


We publish to all of our followers through this article the frequency of the New Memories Channel for 2020, which is continuously searched for in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it was launched in the last period after the conditions of Corona, domestic isolation and the curfew that was applied to preserve the safety and health of citizens, and the aim of this channel Citizen amusement and showing the best movies from ancient time to be happy with these beautiful memories that can not be erased.

The New Memories channel frequency on satellites

This channel can be easily obtained on your receivers by entering their own frequencies, following the best programs, films and dramas in the last period from the seventies until the beginning of the millennium, which have memories with these generations, and the frequencies are:

the channelHesitationThe satellite
Zakaria channel
  • The coding rate is 27500
  • Hesitation: 12284.
Nile Sat
the channelHesitationThe satellite
Zakaria channel
  • Frequency: 12149.
  • Coding rate: 27500.
Arab Sat

New Memories channel 2020 in Saudi Arabia

This channel offers a variety of different entertainment programs, serials, and old films. The aim is to introduce joy and optimism to the followers. One of the most important things presented on this channel in this period is Tash what Tash, the adventures of Sinbad, a meeting with Shaarawi, dumps of life, sour sweet, And other ancient works that have memories with the old generations.


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