“The one who stayed is a smoker” .. The Eastern smoke chief reveals the reasons for being raised


12:52 am

Thursday 11 June 2020

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Hani Aman, head of the Eastern Smoke Company, revealed the fact that cigarette prices have risen and some merchants store them for profit.

“Aman” said, in a phone call to the program “Happening in Egypt” broadcast on the MBC Egypt channel, on Wednesday evening, that in June of every year, we pass new taxes on cigarettes and store some merchants to raise their prices, but in the current situation because of Corona virus crisis and the closure of some activities, including cafes and cafes, there is a great demand for cigarettes.

He added, “Whoever used to drink honey and bishish went to smoke cigarettes, and some categories of material income for them became few and switched from drinking foreign cigarettes to local cigarettes for cheap prices, in addition to storing merchants, all things that raised the demand for the product.”

The Eastern President of Smoke pointed out that the company is committed to the health of workers and we are making precautionary measures, but the pandemic has affected production rates by up to 10%, adding: “The price of Cleopatra cigarettes ranges between 18 and 19 pounds.”

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