The player kneeling to the idol .. “Al-Azhar” repeated his warning about the “Babji” game yet


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Thursday 04 June 2020

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

The Al-Azhar Global Center for Electronic Fatwa emphasized that it had previously warned against some electronic games that kidnap the minds of young people, distracting them from their basic tasks of acquiring beneficial knowledge or work, and locking them in virtual worlds away from reality, and developing them behaviors of violence, inciting them to hate and self-harm or Others.

Among these games was the electronic game “pubg” after repeated incidents of hate, violence, killing and suicide due to it – and because of other similar games – earlier.

Not only did its danger stop at the aforementioned, but it surpassed it to directly influence the belief of our children; To increase the risk of this game in recent times after the release of an update that contains the prostration and kneeling of the player in it; With the aim of obtaining in-game franchises.

There is no doubt that it is very dangerous, which has a great impact on the hearts of our youth and young people, who represent the majority of the fans of this game. For a child or young person to resort to something other than God, glory be to Him, to ask for a benefit or pay harm, even in a virtual, entertaining reality. An order that confuses his belief in God, His Creator, Subhan, and underestimates the worship of others, even if it is a stone that is neither harmful nor beneficial.

The Center reiterated its affirmation of the sanctity of all electronic games that call for violence or contain misconceptions through which it is intended to distort the faith or the law and contempt of religion, and calls for kneeling or prostrating to other than God Almighty or insulting the sanctities or violence or hatred or terrorism or self-harm or others.

He called on parents, educational, educational and media bodies to demonstrate the danger of such games and their physical, psychological and behavioral harm.

And give some advice that helps parents to immunize their children from the danger of these games, and educate them consciously, on average, and they are:

1) Ensure that children are monitored continuously around the clock.

2) Monitor children’s children’s apps, and not leave them in their hands for long periods.

3) Occupy children’s free time by benefiting them from the achievement of useful sciences, and various sports activities.

4) Emphasizing the importance of time for young people.

5) Children participate in all aspects of their lives, with advice, and providing a good example for them.

6) The development of children’s skills, and employing them to benefit them and their community, and to benefit from their creativity.

7) The constant encouragement of youth for the positive work they offer, even if it is simple from the point of view of the parents.

8) Give children a space; For self-realization, enhancing abilities, and gaining confidence.

9) Training children to define their goals, assume their responsibilities, choose the best to chart their future, and stimulate active and realistic participation in the family and community.

10) Choosing the right companionship for children, and pursuing them in the study through continuous communication with their teachers.

11) Be alert to the dangers of using sharp machines that can infect a person physically or in person or others, and protect him from all that is harmful to him. The Messenger of God ﷺ said in the excuse of farewell: “Should I not tell you about the believer? Of the security of the people themselves and their money, and the Muslim: ladder people from his tongue and his hand, and Mujahid: from himself labored in obedience to God, and the migrant: from the abandonment of sins and sins ».

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