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The policeman accused of killing Floyd appears in front of ...

Like the two white policemen accused of killing George FloydThe black American, whose death sparked a wave of widespread protests in the United States and abroad, for the first time before a Minneapolis court judge who set a $ 1 million bail to release him on conditions.

From his heavily guarded prison, such as Chauvin, in a prisoner orange outfit via video in front of the judge.


In the first hearing, two weeks after Floyd’s death, Judge Janice Reading set a million dollars worth of bail in exchange for the conditional release of the 44-year-old policeman, and the next hearing was scheduled for June 29.

After Chauvin was initially charged with a third degree murder, the Public Prosecution office re-described the facts and increased the charge to the second degree murder, with a penalty of up to 40 years imprisonment if convicted.


As for the three policemen who were accompanying him at the arrest of Floyd, they were charged with complicity and placed under arrest, after they had not been charged in any first stage.

In the wake of the demonstrations, the Municipal Council in Minneapolis, Minnesota, pledged Sunday to dispense with the current police model and “rebuild a new model of public safety.”

But the city’s mayor, Jacob Frye, has announced that he prefers “massive structural reform” over completely dismantling the model.


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