The price of the dollar on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 in Egyptian banks


Monitored by “Tomorrow’s Money” website, the price of the dollar today, Tuesday, June 30, 2020 against the Egyptian pound, according to the latest updates in Egyptian banks, which include the highest selling price of the dollar, the lowest price for buying the dollar, as well as clarifying the international price of the dollar, and the price of the American currency in the Egyptian Central Bank.

The price of the dollar worldwide

On the international level, the price of the dollar today against the pound reached 16.17 Egyptian pounds.

The highest price to sell the dollar

Record the highest selling price of the dollar at 16.12 pounds in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, so you can achieve good returns if you want to sell the dollar to him.

The lowest price to buy a dollar

The National Bank of Egypt offers the best price for buying the dollar at 16.18 Egyptian pounds, from where you can buy the dollar from it at the lowest price.

The price of the dollar today

Bank / currencyThe dollar
central bank16.0916.22
Ahli Bank 16.0816.18
Egypt Bank 16.0916.19
Commercial International Bank CIB 16.1016.20
Alexandria 16.1016.20
Construction and housing 16.1116.21
United Bank 16.1016.20
Blessing 16.1116.21
HSBC 16.1116.21
National Kuwait16.1116.21
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 16.1216.22
Arab African International 16.1016.20

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