The Public Prosecutor orders the investigation into the incident of the intensive care room in Al Badrawi Hospital and the death of 7 patients


The Public Prosecutor, Advisor Hamada Al-Sawy, ordered an investigation into the notification received by the “Public Prosecution” on Monday morning, that a fire broke out in the intensive care room on the ground floor of the “Badrawi Hospital” No. 2 in the Montazah Police Department Department, which resulted in the death of 7 patients and the injury of another patient. And damage to the aforementioned room and to the beds and devices in it. The Director of the Civil Protection Department attributed the cause of the fire to a short circuit.

The “Public Prosecution” started its investigations by moving to the accident scene to see it, where it was determined that the fire had broken out in the “intensive care unit room” in the hospital, and during the inspection it met with the “director of intensive care” who reported that the room was allocated to receive and treat cases of coronavirus infection.The Public Prosecution asked a human doctor in the room that replaced the fire and decided to start it from the air-conditioner unit in the room, confirming that he was not criminally suspected of the accident. As the hospital receptionist was asked, he confirmed that he started from inside the mentioned air-conditioner unit, and that he tried to extinguish it as soon as it broke out using manual fire extinguishers, but he He was unable to do so as the flames escalated and extended until the fire engines came and took control of them, as the Public Prosecution asked two hospital nurses who decided to hear them – when they were inside the care room – an explosion of the air conditioner unit, and they saw a thick smoke coming out of it and a fire in it, while trying to separate The electrical current from the hospital reception desk was surprised by the flames and their flames rising up, so the fire engines came and put them out.

The Public Prosecution decided to assign “experts of the General Administration of Criminal Evidence” to the “Ministry of Interior” to inspect the scene of the accident and collect the antiquities from it; To indicate the cause of the fire, determine its starting, end and spread, and the extent of the existence of a criminal suspicion therein, and ordered the unloading of cameras and surveillance machines in the hospital and its surroundings.

It also ordered the transfer of the bodies of the deceased to “Sadr Al-Maamoura Hospital” with the knowledge of the “Preventive Medicine Department” with taking all necessary preventive measures, and assigned the forensic doctors to sign the anatomical feature on them, and authorized their burial after the completion of these procedures.

And the “Public Prosecution” asked from the “Directorate of Health Affairs in Alexandria” for the director in charge of “Al Badrawi Hospital” and the licenses issued to it, and formed a committee from the “Free Therapy Department” and “the Occupational Safety and Health Administration” and “the Emergency and Crisis Administration” at the “Health Affairs Directorate” In Alexandria »; To indicate the licenses issued to the hospital where the fire is located, its nature, and the activity permitted to practice it, even if it includes treating cases of coronavirus infection, find the responsible manager and person in charge of managing it, inspect it and inspect its “intensive care room” to indicate the application of the fixed specifications of the licenses to nature, and the availability of The necessary medical devices and the extent of commitment to follow medical and technical procedures by the medical and administrative teams inside the “intensive care room” if the symptoms occurred, and a statement of the extent of commitment to them during the incident today, and the extent of the hospital administration’s commitment to any error during the accident that led to its occurrence.

The “Public Prosecution” also formed a tripartite committee from the Departments of Fire and Prevention of Dangers, and one of the specialists in the “Industrial Security Administration” in the “Directorate of Manpower”; To indicate the extent of the hospital’s commitment to the established procedures and that it must be met within «occupational and environmental safety and health standards in medical facilities», and in the event that it is not met The police are investigating the incident, and investigations are being completed and the families of the dead and hospital medical personnel are being completed.

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