The pyramid fire .. The property turned into an ash block after “Hell” lasted for an hour


01:47 PM

Tuesday 02 June 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

For nearly two hours, civil protection officers in Giza confronted a massive fire that broke out in a 4-storey property, which was taken by its owner as commercial warehouses in the Haram area, Tuesday.

The beginning is due to the receiving of the Civil Protection Operations Supervisor in Giza, a signal from the Najda Police regarding the mounting of thick fumes on top of the property on the automatic slaughterhouse.

Major General Hani Saeed, Director of Civil Protection in Giza, pushed 7 fire trucks, led by the head of the fire department, Colonel Alaa Khulusi, in an attempt to control the fire.

The beginning was a fire on the top of the property, and the fire spread to the rest of the floors amid the thickening fumes, which prompted the civil defense men to disconnect the electrical current in order to prevent matters from getting worse.

The civil defense men succeeded in controlling the fire, preventing the danger of it spreading to neighboring real estate, and starting implementing the cooling process to prevent its renewal.

The police forces imposed a security cordon around the property in question. To facilitate the movement of firefighters and facilitate their mission, and to preserve the lives of citizens as well.

The necessary report was prepared, and Major General Tareq Marzouq, First Assistant Minister of the Interior for the Giza Security Sector, seconded the men to the criminal laboratory for inspection.

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