The reaction of an unprecedented decorations after winning Ahmed Ezz on her sister


Keen Egyptian artist Reza Accessories to ignore a court decision in the case of the cover of El Alamein quarrel with her sister artist Ahmed Ezz, one of the North Coast hotels last judge acquitted and the imprisonment of Yasmin Reza 6 months.

Egyptian actress through the application of “Instagram” and published a collection of photos spontaneous during her summer recess and left comments saying: “start your life to learn to speak and keep life to teach you silence”, which some viewed as a response indirectly on Ezz as arming itself with silence and will not respond to the new resolution .

Also it published across Alsturiz feature video clips from inside the car, singing the song “Unseen” new artist Fadel Shaker.

The Ashraf Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz’s lawyer, said his client’s innocence through “Facebook”, where writer commented: “Congratulations Ahmed Ezz and equity of innocence in the case of the cover of El Alamein Praise be to God.”

The prosecution had heard the statements of Ezz in the incident melee, and accused the sister of decorations attacked him suddenly and without any previous introductions, and with her person does not know his name has been given ‘in front of all those at the hotel. And also they accused him of the false communique editing a record of which accused him of assaulting her, pointing out that there is nothing to confirm the validity of this abuse of witnesses and staff at the hotel.


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