The ruling on her imprisonment and a fine is not final


Abdel Raouf Mahmoud Omar, a lawyer, said Sama Al Massri There is no comment on the rulings of the Egyptian judiciary, and the ruling to imprison his client for 3 years and fining her 300,000 pounds is not final and will be challenged.
The court said in its findings that the accused photographed and published those videos with the intention of achieving gain and false fame and love of money, so the devil facilitated a path for her and followed him and preferred his path and slipped her foot into sin and defiled impiety and chose a crooked path of gain in the hope of false falsehood that did not observe the prevailing religious values ​​and considerations in society And that all divine religions end and warn against spoiling them, for Satan forgets them, that such actions would incite young people to immorality and arouse discord in his imagination, awaken the lowest instincts in himself and intimidate the authority of virtue over his conduct.

And the rationale continued, that the accused person mastered how to use syllables to arouse sexual instincts, by giving them words, dances and movements that lead to sexual arousal, dressed in clothes that stimulate sexual arousal instincts, so she ended up filming clips and pictures of sexually explicit instincts, as the defendant wanted to communicate and direct to young people and sent a message One is to decorate every ugly, aberration, and sedition for them, so she came out of the straight path after knowing it, hated it, and chastened it, and it wreaked corruption on the earth and did not observe virtue forever, so it scratched public modesty and published its vulgar porn production on the International Information Network and social media, assaulting me. The rights of others to scratch their modesty, indifferent to any result of its actions, but bragged about and boasted by publishing those clips in which her body shows are naked, and the camera focuses on those beauties, and in another video in which she appears in two-piece bathing suits appearing more than covering her body.

The first circuit was a misdemeanor in the Cairo Economic Court Punished Today Sama Al-Masry, with a 3-year prison sentence and a 300,000-pound fine, and placed her under observation for a period of 3 years, accusing her of inciting immorality and immorality, while continuing the imprisonment of the accused.

The session was chaired by Counselor Ramy Mansour, President of the Cairo Economic Court, and membership of Counselors Ahmed Abdel-Kahar and Mohamed Youssef.

The Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, ordered the imprisonment of the accused, Samia Ahmed Attia Abdel-Rahman, and her fame “Sama Al-Masry”, for accusing her of publishing pictures and video clips of her disturbing the public through her own accounts on social networking websites, publicly displaying shameful acts, and announcing them in advanced ways as an invitation It includes the temptation to prostitution, to draw attention to it, its aggression against family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society, and to establish, manage and use these sites and accounts on the information network with the aim of committing the aforementioned crimes; And by submitting the consideration of extending her detention today to the opposition judge; He was ordered to extend fifteen days as a backup pending investigations.

The monitoring unit in the statement administration of the Attorney General’s Office has monitored a wide circulation of various social networking sites for pictures and clips of the accused defamatory and indecent assault of the public, and a large number of complaints against it were brought to the official page of the Public Prosecution on Facebook. For posting those photos and clips, notifying her accounts and the sites through which she posts; The Department shall transmit a report on the results of the monitoring to the Attorney General; Order the investigation procedures; The competent prosecutor ordered that the accused be arrested for questioning.

On the morning of the twenty-fourth of this month, a force of the Azbakeya Police Department’s Investigation Unit managed to arrest the suspect, who had three mobile phones and a laptop, by presenting them to the Public Prosecution and interrogating them. Denied what was attributed to her; Motivating the accusation about her by denying her posting any clips that violate her on social media sites that contain sexual indications or an invitation to debauchery or a scratch on public life, confirming her responsibility only for clips she published in her official accounts, is only to be a record of her life activities and daily habits through her channel for the site of communication Social «Youtube»; This is in order for her to obtain from the site company a fee for the rates of watching clips and advertisements during them, denying her responsibility for posting the other clips circulating to her on various social media sites – the subject of complaints and investigation – which she claimed to have photographed and recorded for herself and kept her on her phone without publishing it until the phone was stolen in June In 2019, it denied responsibility for publishing it after the theft, adding that it does not need to draw attention to its reputation among people.

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