“The same movements and dress” .. Kuwaiti artist, with a look of Yasmine Sabry: She wore it above all


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The artist Amal Al-Awadi

Kuwaiti artist and broadcaster Amal Al-Awadi, through her official account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, shared a number of photos from her photography session, which appeared with a similar look to the artist Yasmine Sabry, last May this year, as if it was a true copy of it. .

Amal appeared in a medium-length summer dress, signed by the international fashion house “Dolce & Gabbana”, which was characterized by white, and decorated with polychrome roses and calm makeup, with streamlined hairstyle, and light high-heeled shoes, from CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.

The session was appreciated by the followers and a large number of them interacted with its appearance, expressing its match in the appearance with the artist Yasmine Sabry, and one of the most prominent comments was, “The same movement and dress of Yasmine Sabry, this is not the dress of Yasmine Sabry, performed by Yasmine Sabry.”

And the artist entered into a discussion with one of the followers, if the follow-up said, “I dressed him in jasmine, but dressed him up,” to return Amal saying, “My love, I wear it in a clip, but I love you death, before everyone in 1 month, but his presentation was delayed due to the conditions of Ramadan and Corona.”

The artist, Yasmine Sabry, wore the same dress last May, and its price reached 1475 pounds, equivalent to approximately 28 thousand Egyptian pounds, while the value of the shoe amounted to 412 pounds, which exceeds 8 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Who is Amal Al-Awadi?

Amal Al-Awadi, a Kuwaiti artist and broadcaster, started working in the media field at a young age, where she participated for a while in presenting the “Children’s TV” program, which is presented on Kuwait TV, and was then chosen to present the Ramadan Competitions Program “Ainak Al-Watan” on Kuwait TV also with the broadcaster Barakat Al-Waqyan. At the age of seventeen, she also presented the Hala February Festival Raffle Program.

She participated in presenting his concerts in 2007 and 2008, and in 2007 she moved to the Arts channel, during which she presented two competitions programs, “End her and No” and “Grandpa and Play,” which is the program that presented the second part of 2008.


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