The season of marital disputes of female singers … started with originality and ended with Sherine Abdel Wahab


Love stories all start with sweet and bright beginnings, but they do not remain immortal to happy endings, and the singing milieu witnessed many differences between singers and their husbands recently, and reached the courts and divorce.

And show “the seventh day”, the most prominent of those stories, the first of which is the singer Asala, who was living the most famous love story in the singing milieu, between her husband, the director Tariq Al-Erian, and she started the beginning of the new year for the artistic community, bringing the curtain down to one of the most famous love stories, and that marriage that has held since In 2006 it became entrenched on solid ground, before it collapsed in recent months, and ended with the announcement of the official separation between the two, which Asala described as the final..


The separation, whose official reasons were not announced, and the matter was not clear of leaks that talk about the existence of a new love story that director Tariq Al-Arian is experiencing at the present time, which has caused tension in the atmosphere between him and his wife.

A year ago, the duo appeared to Asala and Al-Arian in a television interview in order to talk about their long relationship, and when Asala was asked about her position in the event that Al-Arian decided to marry another woman, she replied, I will withdraw at the same moment.

Last month, Asala said in response to a question that she lacked her divorced director, Tariq Al-Arian, “I mean, sure, we all miss Tariq for sure,” adding about the possibility of having come together in the month of Ramadan “By God, we do not know how the circumstances are, I am in this month I have feelings wandering in my mind Including remorse for some of my actions. “

The Syrian star continued, saying, “I certainly committed fatal errors in 2019 and the beginning of 2020, I want to find a way to apologize for, because I do not know what was caused by the times of the world, when you take us with concerns, responsibilities and differences that will be broken by this, that you will be in a state of peace, and certainly times the brown Adam will be balanced so let him express With remarks made by her later. “

Asala had announced her separation at the beginning of last January from director Tariq Al-Arian, and wrote on her Instagram account, “Good morning, with great regret and sorrow, I announce my separation completely from the father of my sons Adam and Ali, and I wish everyone not to enter into details, in order to protect my feelings that perished and the feelings of my children. She added, “And I, as usual, will strive to perfect my responsibility towards my children, and they will not discourage me from completing my work in an honorable way, as long as your kind hearts are with me and the support I need so much.”

And more than a full year has passed since the marriage of music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim and singer Angham, which sparked a great controversy between her fans and followers, as well as caused many crises for the two parties, both for melodies with her family and specifically her son, and also for Ibrahim and specifically with his first wife, Yasmine Issa..


After a year of love and the exchange of hearts through the pages of social networking, the separation was officially announced through a message distributed by the distributor Ahmed Ibrahim via his account on Instagram, in which he stressed that he will still have all the love and appreciation despite the need to separate them at the present time.

The news of the divorce of Angham and Ahmed Ibrahim came to light, after the latter returned his first wife, Yasmine Issa, on International Women’s Day, to ask questions: Did the divorce occur with Angham?

Ahmed Ibrahim initially tried to ignore the questions, but in the end, he indicated that he was returning to his first wife in May 2019, and that he was sticking to the mother of his children, after which the tunes filed for disqualification of the musician and that the separation occurred between them 5 months ago.

And until Ahmed Ibrahim put an end to the abuse that was poured into the tunes by some, he was careful to publicly apologize to her while he was accepting her head, which prompted some to ask whether they returned again? However, the tunes are still sticking to divorce.


Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe recently was the social medias talk after the dispute that occurred with her manager Mohamed Waziri, and there was news of an emotional crisis between them, which led to the escalation of differences recently, while the star is silent, so my minister came out in the open and announced his secret marriage to her.

The crisis started between the ministers of Haifa and Haifa last May, where Haifa Wehbe, through her legal agent in Egypt, Counselor Yasser Kantoush, filed a complaint against her former business manager, Mohamed Hamza Abdel Rahman Mohamed, known as “Mohamed MinisterIn his communication, Haifa Wehbe’s lawyer said that Mohamed Waziri was working as a manager for the work of his client in Egypt, and he contracted for parties, programs and series that belonged to him, as well as receiving the agreed material value for concerts and series from the producers and contractors in addition to taking over the deposit in the bank in the Haifa Wehbe account. .

After Haifa Wehbe filed a case against my minister for asking him to return more than $ 4 million, which he took unlawfully, my minister in turn resorted to the judiciary and specifically family affairs to prove his secret marriage to the Lebanese artist, as he filed a lawsuit in front of the Nile Palace Prosecution in Cairo demanding that he prove that marriage.

To respond to the Lebanese star via a post on “Instagram Stories”, that the allegation of proving the defendant’s marriage is false statements, promising to take legal measures in this regard.

A leaked document showed that Muhammad Waziri, a former Haifa Wehbe business manager, filed a lawsuit on May 16 at the Nile Palace Prosecution for Family Affairs requesting that he prove his marriage to Haifa Wehbe.


The last differences of singers in the singing milieu with their husbands, singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, who was the conversation of social communication yesterday, Thursday, after a quarrel between Sherine and Husam Habib, her husband inside their villa, which reached verbal exchanges and asked Sherine for divorce, despite eyewitnesses’ confirmation of the incident that took place in the city Al-Rehab, but the duo denied the news on their own pages via social media.

Hossam Habib denied the truth of what some people talked about the existence of disagreements with his wife Sherine Abdel Wahab, quoting a verse from the Noble Qur’an in his tweet via his official account on Twitter, tweeting:In their hearts is a disease and Allah has increased their disease.

The actress Sherine Abdel Wahab said through her official account on “Twitter”: “I read news or in the sense of the healthiest rumors, no truth, no basis of health, and I am not completely at all … I love you, my friend.”

However, eyewitnesses confirmed that Sherine Abdel Wahab used the singer Ahmed Saad after the dispute between her and Hossam Habib intensified, and Saad succeeded in reconciling the two spouses, and Al-Rehab left and the couple reconciled, so does Sherine seek to deny the crisis after the reconciliation with Hussam Habib?

We tried to communicate with the star Sherine Abdel Wahab and her husband Hossam Habib, but each of them refused to comment on the matter and closed their phone, and preferred to comment on the crisis and exile it through their accounts on the social media.



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