The sleepy atmosphere practiced politics for 40 years and did nothing


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The American president continued Donald TrumpToday, Tuesday, he attacked his potential Democratic rival Joe Biden, saying that “Sleepy Joe” had practiced politics for 40 years and had done nothing.

In a tweet on his Twitter account, Trump added that Biden now claims he has answers and he doesn’t even know the questions.

Referring to the violence that overshadowed the protests against the killing of George Floyd, the US President stressed that weakness will never defeat anarchists and plunder, pointing out that Biden has always been weak.

“I presented more African Americans than any other president.”

In a previous tweet, Trump said his administration has presented more African Americans than any other president since Abraham Lincoln.

In his tweet, Trump stated that his administration worked to secure funding for schools and universities for the education of students of African descent, passed criminal justice reform laws, reduced unemployment and poverty among African Americans, and managed to reduce crime rates at a historical rate.

Trump had announced, on Monday night, that he would fight to keep America, and pledged to keep “the world’s greatest country safe and sound.”

In a speech he addressed to the American people from the White House garden, he said, “The case of George Floyd’s death will not be in vain,” but the current conditions cannot be accepted.

He continued, saying: “I took the oath to protect the laws of our nation, and that is what I will do,” considering the violence witnessed by Washington on Sunday as a “great shame.”

He also announced the deployment of “thousands of heavily armed soldiers” and police in Washington to protect the capital.

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“Not peaceful”

In addition, the US President stressed that what is happening is “not peaceful demonstrations, but terrorism and chaos”, explaining that “the fight against hatred will take place through justice.” Trump described the violence of the protests as “domestic terrorism.”

He stressed that he would intervene to deploy military forces if state governors failed to fulfill their duty. He asked the state governors to take the necessary measures to “control the streets.”

“strict laws”

The US President also warned violators of the curfew from arresting and facing harsh court rulings: “I tell the rioters and terrorists that they will face strict laws.” He stated that “America was founded on the principle of law, saying:” We must not give in to hate or anger. ”

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