The smile was drawn on the face of millions .. Who is Mama Sana, who died in Corona .. Pictures


She brought joy to the hearts of millions through social media programs, and her star shone during the recent period .. They mourned her after her death. Mama Sana Abdel-Hamid, the owner of the prank programs, on the comic tik-tock.
Mama Sana breathed her last due to her injury Corona Virus Al-Mostajid Covid 19 on Thursday morning, where her story began with the dreaded virus 10 days ago, after the results of the analyzes confirmed her condition and were quarantined in the house isolation.

Mama Sana grieved the people of the center and city of Kafr Al-Dawar in Beheira Governorate and millions of his followers in the other provinces, because of her humorous appearance that arouses hearts.

Her story told by Amira Salem, the first lady to work upholstered in Kafr El-DawwarThe spiritual girl of Mama Sana Saying: “ She was a widow who passed away her husband and left her eldest son, Shadi, who gave birth to her after 5 years of her marriage, and later gave birth to her son, Muhammad, after 10 years of marriage.

And she continued: “Mama Sana, come on, who was twitching and comforting me, and she was disturbing me every need when I was annoyed or in trouble I was in her spirit and when she was doing a sweet meal she followed me.”

And Amira continued: “I learned about the death of Mama Sana through her son’s page, who wrote,” God and to him we return to my mother Mama Sana, who passed away to the mercy of God. “

She added: “Mama Sana entered all the homes and hearts of Egyptian families through the social media, and her start with the social media was when she saw her older son showing some videos on the” Tic Talk “program for her so she liked the idea and said to her son Mohamed, let’s laugh with some .. Hence I entered World of tuk-tuk to enter the joy and draw a smile on the faces of millions.

And she continued, “Mama Sana was reading the comments, and she remains happy and very happy, with her hands on the motive.”

And Princess concluded her spiritual daughter, saying: “She was kidnapped by us from the dreaded virus … Corona deprived us of it and deprived us even of the fact that we are evaluating her honorable condolences in appreciation of her.”

The Preventive Medicine Department has taken all burial procedures Mama Sana This morning in the graves of her family in the Al-Sinahra area in Kafr El-Dawwar, amid all the precautions taken to prevent the emergence of the new Corona virus, and only a small number of her family members attended

All social media sites opened a condolence book on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in appreciation of it and for playing a positive role in entertaining the public through the famous tuk-tuk paragraphs that it presented with its two sons, Muhammad and Shadi.

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