“The stage cannot tolerate any inaction.” “Prime Minister to the Conservatives: All of you.”


01:51 PM

Monday 01 June 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Today, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, chaired the Board of Governors meeting, through the “video conferencing” technology, which began by welcoming Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, the governor of Dakahlia, who joined the meeting today after his recovery from the new Corona virus, asking God to protect Egypt and its people From this epidemic.

Addressing the Conservatives, the Prime Minister said: You have full powers to deal strictly with this file, because this stage does not tolerate any failure in the performance of any of the officials in the face of the crisis of the spread of the pandemic “Corona”.

Madbouly continued: Any problem facing the governors is coordinated with the Ministry of Health and Population directly to solve it immediately. Considering that each governor has a limited number of hospitals affiliated with him, and he can go daily to check on the availability of these supplies.

For their part, the governors reviewed the situation of new Coronavirus infections, follow-up of contacts, and efforts to combat the disease, as well as the availability of medical supplies in various hospitals, and a number of governors confirmed that they have already started preparing hotlines to respond to citizens ’complaints, and their inquiries regarding dealing with the Corona virus Pointing out that a number of crews were trained to respond to inquiries and direct citizens to specialized hospitals.

A number of governors also submitted reports on following up the position of the Egyptians stranded abroad, who had returned to Egypt, and isolating them healthily, whether in hotels or university cities.

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