The story of 120 Saudi doctors who saved the lives of Egyptians from “Corona” – one world – outside the borders


They are more than 100 Saudi physicians in various specialties who are highly qualified, and have capabilities and skills that enable them to overcome difficulties and crises. They came to Egypt, through the Medical Fellowship Program, and decided to continue to perform their message to the fullest extent outside the borders of their homeland, to help the medical system inside Egyptian hospitals And to provide medical services for Corona patients.

Dr. Abdulaziz Mutaib Al-Saadoun, who specializes in treating skin diseases and is present in Egypt, as part of the medical fellowship program, told the electronic newspaper “Sabq” that we numbered between 100 to 120 Saudi doctors in various specialties, and with the beginning of the pandemic, we decided not to leave our sites vacant, and to be With our humanitarian and medical responsibility, some of us stand on the front front in the confrontation, through emergency departments, and some of us work in internal clinics such as internal, and I personally by virtue of my specialty in the treatment of skin diseases I follow many cases, which complain of several skin problems due to the frequent use of sterilizers and disinfectants ».

The distinguished presence that Saudi doctors record on the human and professional levels is indifferent to the dangers surrounding them, because of this dangerous virus, to participate with their Egyptian colleagues in the fight against the pandemic, making them – and rightly – “ambassadors of humanity”. An elite of Saudi doctors, it is a gesture that reflects the values, morals and principles of the Saudi Arab Islamic society, to leave an imprint and a fragrant biography on this generous and generous people, and its blessed and rational government.



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