The story of the famous Girga tower .. The state is victorious in law and regaining its prestige in Sohag .. Pictures


Governorate started Sohag Today, Saturday, in the implementation of the decision to remove the Girga Tower
The famous southern province, in a clear affirmation of state prestige and the imposition of the rule of law.

The Girga Tower is an extreme example of neglect and lack of implementation Decisions
Al-Sadah, despite the issuance of 12 decisions to remove the tower within 9 years, after it was built in the wake of the January 25 revolution.

Major General Tareq Al-Fiqi, the governor of Sohag, issued his strict instructions
For all devices the need to remove the tower as soon as possible, and several scenarios for implementation have been studied
Removal, including dynamite detonation, and it was decided to implement the removal manually,
Because it is dangerous to use dynamite.

The Girga Tower was established in 2011 and it was constructed on irrigation property, and encroachment
The owner of the tower is on the road precinct, and papers were forged stating that the land on which the tower is located is property

The investigations that took place proved the involvement of a number of employees in the council
The city of Gerga, and they were referred to the Public Prosecution and judicial rulings were issued against them, to be completed in
Finally, apply the law and start removing the tower.

Major General Tareq Al-Fiqi, Governor of Sohag, led today, accompanied by Major General
Hassan Mahmoud, Assistant Minister of Interior, Sohag Security Director, enlarged campaign to remove one of the violating towers
At the entrance of the city of Gerga, 11 storeys high, in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Samy El-Kady, Deputy Governor of Sohag,
Major General Issam Al-Leithi, the Secretary General of the Governorate, and Ali Abu Aqeel, head of the Gerga Center and City,
And a number of security and executive leaders in the governorate.

The governor of Sohag confirmed
No one is above the law, and we will not allow the infringement of state property and the right of the people, stressing its implementation
The law decisively and does not tolerate any cases of abuse, and take all legal deterrent measures
And resolutely and firmly against the illegal construction attempts without a permit.

Al-Fiqi said that the tower will be demolished from today
Saturday by manually removing the eleventh to seventh floors by demolition workers, and then the process is done
Removal with the necessary equipment and hammers until the building is completely removed to the ground surface.
The rubble is removed, indicating the infringer’s load of the removal process.

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