The tragedy of the “Pampers Child” is repeated again .. A preparatory student rapes a child in Dakahlia


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A 3-and-a-half-year-old girl was raped by her neighbor, in the village of Talkha Center in Dakahlia Governorate, to recall the rape of the first Pampers child by their neighbor in the Belqas Center in 2018.

Major General Fadel Amar, Director of Dakahlia Security, received a notification from Major General Sayed Sultan, Director of the Investigation, stating that a notification has been received by the Commissioner of Talkha Police Station, from “S. A “accuse their neighbor” of good. s. H », 16, demanded the preparatory certificate for the rape of his daughter« Jana », 3 and a half years inside an apartment in their house.

The Center’s investigations have moved to the location of the incident, and the reported student escaped, but a force from the center reached his place and arrested him and confessed to committing the incident
In his statements, the accused confessed to luring the girl when she was packing with his sisters and was alone in a third floor apartment in their house and assaulted her.

A report of the incident was released and referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation. Hassan Shata, the representative of the Talkha Prosecution, decided, under the supervision of Counselor Mohamed Hidayat, the chief prosecutor, to present the child to the pathologist, to explain the details of what she was exposed to.

The child’s mother recounted the details of the incident in front of the Public Prosecution, explaining that the student is their neighbor and her child was playing on the street with his sisters and some children, but she disappeared for some time, and suddenly she heard the cry of a child and felt that she is her daughter, so she entered behind the sound of their neighbor’s house until she reached the third floor, and confirmed that there was Her baby inside,
She said, “I knocked on the door tightly, but he was late in opening the door and found their clothes abnormal. My daughter was crying and discovered blood on her clothes, while the student ran away, so my husband went to the Talkha Center to write a report of the incident.”

It is noteworthy that Dakahlia governorate witnessed two rape cases of two infants during 2018 and 2020.

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