“The traitor was crying at her funeral.” The father of “Talha Talhah” is calling for the execution of his daughter’s husband “a thousand times.”


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Iman Adel’s father, Talhas student, who arranged for her husband an honorable plot and killed her, stressed that he did not imagine her husband being involved in her murder.

He said: “I used to consider him my son and used to love him and treat him like my children, and my daughter used to hide any differences from me because I was sick and I was a worker.”

He added: “After discovering the crime and finding the body of my daughter in her apartment, the mabahith asked me, What is her husband’s situation, so I told them with confidence that it is impossible that he killed her, so that I discover after this that he is not a partner in killing her, because this is a single fee for a stranger so he can rape and photograph her. Understand it. ”

He said in tears: «My daughter’s faith was like the angel and close to our Lord and all the people she loved until her husband’s family and she was dealing with her problems in her home in the mind and she left a child with 9 months and she was happy with him and her life she didn’t complain, and I knew after her death that if there were differences with her husband and her brother, he would enter and solve it Between them, but she was hiding any differences about me in order to keep her house and I am a sick man and she was afraid of me. ”

And he continued, collapsing: “The traitor, her husband, was walking, crying at the funeral, and I used to treat him and embrace him, so I hated him for the death of my daughter. Two days after the funeral, he visited us at home and ate with us, and no one in us had any doubts about it, until some of the detectives arrested him. What I knew by confessing that he was the mastermind of my daughter’s scandal and that he agreed with his worker that he raped and photographed her and the ungrateful criminal killed her and raped her in the hall in front of her young son.

The father demanded retribution from his daughter’s husband, saying: “My heart and her mother, sisters and the people of the country will not be comforted except for his execution a thousand times.”

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