The unknown soldier .. Alexander Graham Bell, the creator of the metal detector


Alexander Graham Bell has a great role in discovering a wired phone, but many do not know that the world owes Bell to inventing a metal detector that he invented in 1881 and who quickly used the device in an attempt to find a bullet in the body of the American President James Garfield.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3 and is a famous Scottish-born scientist, engineer, inventor, and innovator, who is credited with registering the first effective phone patent and establishing the American Telegraph and Telephone Company. His life made a huge impact.

He researched in audiology and hadith, which led him to experiment with audio devices, which led to his obtaining the first American patent on the telephone in 1876, but he considered the phone as an intervention on his real work as a scientist and he refused to have a phone in his office.

Metal detector

The device was developed to be used in an attempt to find a bullet in the body of US President James Garfield, and the detector’s work was flawless in tests but did not reveal the killer’s bullet due in part to the metal bed frame that the President’s body was lying on, what The device was jammed.


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