The vaccine race is continuing … a winner may overwhelm Corona, who is close to victory


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About 15 vaccines have entered the stage of clinical trials in humans, according to what the World Health Organization announced in early May, while research is continuing About 102 vaccines worldwideHowever, a lone winner appears to be looming on the horizon, on which millions pin their hope for the disposal of the Corona virus, which has infected 8,8 million people and continues to harvest, amid global fear of a second wave.

The Oxford vaccine has reached the third stage, which is the most important, as its results can determine its safety and safety, according to the newspaper “Washington Post”.

Several European countries and the United States have reached agreements to obtain this vaccine. Two weeks ago, Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands announced that they had reached a deal with Oxford University to obtain 400 million doses of the vaccine if it was approved after the third clinical trials.

Do you see the light in August?

The researchers at “Oxford” confirmed last week in statements to British media that they are “80% confident of the success of the vaccine that is being developed and is in its final stages.”

They expected the vaccine to be ready by August, that is, only within the next two months, confirming that they expect it to be highly effective and successful, especially for young people or people who are still young.

It was announced The British pharmaceutical company “Astra Zenica” On her willingness to start work on making the vaccine, indicating that “she will produce two billion doses of it once she gets the green light.”

Inhalation device

It is noteworthy that the disclosure of this major breakthrough came last week through a lecture given by Professor Adrian Hill over the Internet, a researcher at the University of “Oxford”. Hill said then: “We expect the vaccine to be ready by August, and it may be before that if the cases being tested do not reject it, which means that it may reach the market faster than we expect, but the possibility of delay is also still possible.” He added that the vaccine will be in the form of an inhaler.

In addition, he explained that the experiments started since last April and have been conducted so far on 10, 260 people, who are adults over 55 years old, in addition to minor children as well.

While Bloomberg reported that the British Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca plans to produce about 100 million doses of “Oxford University vaccine” by next September, provided that the first thirty million doses will be allocated to Britain if it succeeds in stopping the infection


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