They appeared with “masks” and “white clothes” … postponing the trial of Haneen Hosam and Mawadat Al-Adham to June 29


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Today, Monday, the Economic Court postponed the first session of the trial of Haneen Hosam, Mawaddah Al-Adham, and 3 others, accusing them of violating family values ​​and principles, and publishing debauchery and immorality, for the June 29 session.

The defendants attended a high security escort, they were deposited in the dock, wearing the clothes of the spare prison “white clothes”, and they embraced Haneen Hosam and Adham’s affection with each other, as they appeared with muzzles.

The court confirmed the defense requests, as the defendant’s request for affection for Adham to authorize him to extract the information and information technology investigation records released on May 19, 2019 related to the theft of her mobile phone, which included threatening her and extorting her with the photos on it, as well as releasing the affection of Adham with any guarantee the court sees until a permit is executed The court has aforementioned and provided documents and prepare for the final argument. While the defense of the rest of the accused demanded access to the case papers.

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