They fell into some .. Ayman Nour closes the Brotherhood Sami Kamal El-Din channel on YouTube


Publishing the Muslim Brotherhood Sami Kamal Al-Din A tweet on the social networking site “Twitter”, in which he announces the deletion of his YouTube channel due to the reports submitted by Ayman Nour.

He wrote Sami Kamal Al-Din “My YouTube channel will be deleted entirely with millions of views after 5 days due to the reports submitted by Ayman Nour.

“I am required to apologize to him for a mistake he made in reporting in exchange for raising the reports and returning the channel … *** In the channel I make 100 channels. I will not atone for my cause and I will not apologize and you will see.”

A number of his followers interacted with him, and the comments were as follows:

To know that you are without principles.

It is you who are not blind lol Hahaha.

They fall into some misfortune and they will leave you with misfortune.

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