This is what Prince Charles said about his corona infection


Source: London _ France Press

The heir to the British throne Prince Charles considered him “lucky” because his infection with the emerging corona virus was limited to some minor symptoms, in an experiment that made him more “determined” to work to put nature “at the core of everything we do.”

“I was lucky in my case and I got out of this situation with slight symptoms. But I was injured and I can understand what others have suffered,” the 71-year-old prince said in a video statement to Britain’s Sky News.

“I sympathize especially with those who have lost loved ones and were unable to stand by them at this stage. This is the most ugly thing in my view,” he added in the full-broadcast interview later on Thursday.

Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, was infected with the new corona virus in March, but he had only some minor symptoms before he recovered in stone within seven days, down to the official recommendations without being hospitalized.

In total, about 40,000 people died as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic in Britain. The toll may exceed 48,000 deaths, with suspected cases calculated.

“To avoid this happening with more people, I’m really determined to find a solution.” He pointed out that “people are beginning to realize the necessity of returning nature to the heart of everything we do and at the heart of our economy.”

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