This is what the prosecution found on Sama Al-Masry phones


Investigations of the Public Prosecution during the investigations revealed that Sama Al-Masry’s phones had published clips and pictures of her on her “Instagram” account, not intended for that, denying – starting – posting any clips or pictures of her in any other locations other than the two mentioned sites, then the accused returned in another place Investigations.
After facing some accusation evidence and decided to create and use it – a month ago – a personal account with a social communication application called “loops”, through which it conducts a live broadcast of its followers to talk to them about general issues, and conducts private meetings with some of them with special application rooms, where you talk to them in those rooms On the same subjects, and it asks the followers of this broadcast to take pictures of it during it, and send it to her to publish it with her account “instagram” as an advertisement for her appearance through the application “loops”, and that the suggestion she used to make during the broadcast or photography and appearing in a photo published to her in one of her personal accounts is on Humor and teasing her followers.
The defendant also claimed that the complaints and requests for investigation with her, which were reported to the official Facebook page of the Public Prosecution website, may be the work of electronic committees from the Brotherhood to disagree with them about their political views, or from others between them and them with personal differences, or who viewed clips of it from what was published and were Keeping her on her phone that was allegedly stolen, and that some lawyers filing complaints against her is only a response from them to a systematic campaign to abuse her on social media; In order to achieve fame for themselves or because they are driven by others at odds with them.


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