To preserve the breath of Corona .. Al-Azhar Fatwa provides 10 rulings for M.


12:49 PM

Friday 26 June 2020

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwa issued ten rulings of concern to the Muslim, prior to the reopening of mosques, tomorrow, to preserve oneself, in the time of Corona.

The 10 provisions included the following:

1) The Muslim going out from his house to perform the prayer in the mosque in ablution is not only a precautionary measure from Corona; It is a great obedience, and did the desire of our Lord the Messenger of Allah ﷺ he says: «Whoever purifies himself in his house, and then walked to the house of God to serve the duty of the ordinances of God, was one Khtotah derogatory sin, and the other raises the degree».

2) Mosques may be sterilized with alcoholic substances before or after the prayer, and the prayer of the worshiper and his body, his garment, or the place of his prayer are purified by alcoholic antiseptic substances; For the basic principle in purity is clear unless evidence indicates its impurity.

3) Praying a person wearing the nose and mouth cover (muzzle) is correct without hatred, taking his carpet to the mosque, and his commitment to his protection tools is an obligation; Because of this preventive role protects against the risk of infection with the virus As well as to protect human health and protect others.

4) The worshipers diverging in congregational prayer is permissible, and the prayer is valid, as long as it is a precautionary measure to prevent outbreaks of infection with the Coronavirus, however, the settlement of classes is required in any case.

5) Women and non-adults (young children) are not legally required to pray in congregation in the mosque, but rather they perform them in the homes on their own time in congregation or alone.

Also, the elderly should pray in their homes; For their own safety and health, they are at risk of contracting this epidemic.

6) Performing the prayers of naafil prayers at home is better than their prayer in the mosque, (and that is more certain in the time of Corona), unlike the obligatory prayer in the mosque; For the words of our master, the Messenger of God: “Pray, O people in your homes. The best prayer is one’s prayer in one’s home, but it is written.”

7) It is not necessary for it to be valid in the funeral prayer in the mosques, and it is valid for her prayers in any place of the pure land, as is her prayer in the chapels outside the mosques, in the open, and on the graves.

8) Giving an anecdotal greeting of peace is a great virtue in Islam, and leaving handshaking with hands and abstaining from them is one of the safety and prevention measures.

9) Covering the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing in or outside the mosque from the guidance of our master, the Messenger of God ﷺ; On the authority of Abu Huraira, may God be pleased with him: “The Prophet ﷺ was when he sneezed, covering his face with his hand or his garment and turning his voice on him”

10) Avoid those with symptoms of HIV infection going to the mosque;
And his exit to the mosque or his pursuit among the people if his injury is confirmed, a major sin and crime against humanity,
It is an obligation to follow all health protection measures issued by the competent authorities, and to leave them with a great sin. As it may result in self-harm or others.

And the Ministry of Awqaf announced the return of prayers in mosques, starting from tomorrow morning, except for Friday prayers.

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