Today he apologizes on the air .. Investigation of Tamer Amin on charges of insulting the Egyptians


The complaints committee called bSupreme Council for Media RegulationToday, Monday, journalist Tamer Amin, To investigate him with what the monitoring committees observed as an insult to the Egyptians in one of his episodes.
The investigation, which was held by the committee, ended today with the presentation of the official, Tamer Amin, an official apology during his episode today.

And the network of “An-Nahar” channels announced that it is keen to adhere to the legal measures taken by the state in order to regulate the work of the media in Egypt through the relevant authorities, and this is represented in the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, and that it abided by the decision issued by the Council.

Al-Nahar instructed its broadcasters to complete the papers of obtaining a work permit from the Media Syndicate, and indeed they went to the Media Syndicate to reconcile their legal conditions.

The media, Tamer Amin, complied with the council’s decision to appear before the complaints committee in accordance with the decision issued in this regard, and Al-Nahar TV, the Supreme Council for Media and the Media Syndicate appealed for a speedy decision on the requests presented to them regarding the reconciliation of the conditions of the arrested media.

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