Trump: “Anarchism and Antifah” killed a young man, attacked a woman, and set fire to a historic church


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US President Donald Trump has said that anarchist groups and “Antiva” threaten the security of innocent citizens.

“Anarchist groups and Antifah threaten the security of citizens and innocent people, they kill a young man and attack a woman,” Trump added, at a press conference in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

He continued: «Many store owners whose businesses were affected by the looting and there are people who are afraid to leave their homes», and he said that there is a historical church that caught fire, saying that “no one accepts that even those who have been killed.”

Trump continued: “America was not created for blood … We will achieve 100% success.”

US President Donald Trump announced immediate measures to stop violence and establish security. ”

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  • Injuries
  • Recover
  • Mortality

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