Trump asks police to outlaw strangulation .. “Floyd’s video scared me”


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On Friday, US President Donald Trump spoke of a video of suffocation The American citizen, George Floyd, Who spent the past week following his arrest by police in Minneapolis, and said, “Floyd’s throttle video formed me 8 minutes of terror and shame.”

He said in an interview with “Fox News” channel, that he would like to see a ban for the police to follow the method of strangulation in most cases, but pointed out that this method is understandable in some cases.

He also added, “I don’t like the method of strangulation … (but) sometimes if you are alone and quarreling with one of them, it is difficult,” and he continued, “I think it would be a very good thing in general to end.”

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In addition, Trump reiterated in statements to “Fox News”, His strict attitude towards sabotage That took place during the Seattle demonstrations, calling for an end to the chaos in the city and the restoration of it, stressing that there is no dispute between me and the leaders of the Pentagon about the protests.

He added, “If the mayor of Seattle does not end the chaos, we will do so,” noting that he received an old army from Obama and “made it strong and great.”

Earlier, he wrote in a tweet posted on Twitter, in which he addressed the mayor of Seattle, saying, “Terrorists and anarchists (anarchists) are burning and looting the city, and they think that is wonderful. This situation must be ended and Seattle restored now.”

He explained in his interview with “Fox News” that his administration “will not allow the terrorists and anarchists (Anarchists) to control Seattle.”

He also saw that if there had been more solidity, all this destruction would not have occurred in Minneapolis and Seattle, adding, “Look what is going on in Seattle, if they do not correct this situation, we will correct it.”

In addition, he described the dealing of the Seattle mayor, Jenny Dorkan, with the situation as “pathetic,” and he also called on Washington State Governor Jay Insley to send the National Guard to restore order.

On Insali, he said: “He has large National Guard forces to do this,” adding, “These people will not occupy much of a great city.”

Seattle demonstrations - Agence France Presse, June 11
Seattle demonstrations – Agence France Presse, June 11

Earlier Friday, Trump criticized, as was his practice, weeks ago, of the Democrats ’position and policies during the demonstrations in several major American cities since the killing of the American citizen George Floyd at the hands of a police officer on May 25.

It is noteworthy that the death of Floyd, 46, who died of suffocation last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota (north) after a white policeman pressed his knee to his neck to death, after he was arrested with his colleagues, handcuffed to the back and fixed to the ground, sparked a wave of violent protests that spread to dozens of cities American.

Derek Chauven, 44, appeared as a policeman with his knee on the neck of Floyd in front of the court in Minneapolis, and a judge ordered that his bail be raised from $ 1 million to $ 1.25 million. Chauvin is charged with second degree murder.

Chauvin and three police officers, accused of him in the case, were sacked a day after Floyd’s death.

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