Trump will continue to pressure and Iran must respond


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US special envoy on Iran, Brian Hook, said during an online session today, Tuesday, that Washington is working to renew the arms embargo on Iran, considering that Sanctions on Tehran have led to results Excellent … the Iranian regime has deprived us of billions of dollars thanks to the sanctions. ”

Hook stressed that “Iran is at the forefront of countries in the field of sponsoring terrorism,” adding that “lifting the arms embargo on Tehran will provide it with an opportunity to destabilize the region.” He recalled that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the failure to extend the arms embargo was “a victory for Iran.”

Hook said that “Iran is an isolated country and does not enjoy international support,” explaining that Washington’s dispute “with some countries over Iran is tactical and not substantive.” He continued: “Russia and China want to sell arms to Iran, and the embargo does not suit them.”

Hook emphasized that “Not to arm Iran It contributes to bringing stability to the Middle East.

He added: “We are close to achieving an important result in our endeavors to extend the arms embargo on Iran … We seek to push the Security Council to renew the duration of the arms embargo on Iran.”

And he considered that the American President, Donald Trump, “was very strong against Iran,” adding that “the Iranian regime is languishing under great pressure and the door is open to diplomacy … The President Trump will continue to press Iran must respond. ”

Hook chose Iran between negotiating or facing an economic meltdown, adding: “We will continue the policy of economic pressure and political isolation against Iran … The United States is prepared for the worst case scenario with Iran.” He stressed that “the Iranian regime spends oil revenues in financing terrorism.”

In another context, Hook said that “Iran’s violation of the nuclear agreement will lead to additional sanctions,” adding: “We want to re-apply the international sanctions that were suspended by the nuclear agreement.” Hook also stressed that the United States is seeking “an agreement with Iran that transcends the nuclear file.”

He continued: “We wish to have an Iranian regime that represents all sectors of the people … Iran continues to suppress its people and is still unable to achieve its aspirations … the demonstrations in Iran took place against the regime and not against the United States.”

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