Tunisia .. List to Parliament to classify the terrorist “Brotherhood”


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

The head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussa, announced that her parliamentary bloc submitted a new list to parliament, to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization against the civil state.

Moussa explained, in a press conference held on Monday, that this regulation requires the government to announce this classification officially and to consider every natural or legal Tunisian person who has links with this group, as a perpetrator of a terrorist crime in accordance with the anti-terrorism law.

Extreme global leaders

It also clarified that the idea of ​​the regulation came after the confirmation of a number of Tunisian political leaders (referring to a president Renaissance movement Rashid Ghannouchi and his party’s leaders) in international organizations led by personalities belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and known for their extremist rhetoric and fatwas calling for killing, bombings and bloodshed, and the supervision of those leaders on offices in Tunisia to represent these dangerous organizations and the introduction of foreign money to secure their activities and open the door to money laundering and terrorist financing, which is a threat For Tunisian national security.

In addition, she cautioned against continuing to deal with the dangerous Brotherhood organization that may cause Tunisia to be classified in the black lists of countries that neglect the financing of terrorism and money laundering, calling for the necessity of issuing a political decision that resolves this issue and closes the offices and associations in Tunisia from which foreign financing comes The suspect opens the door to money laundering and terrorist financing, and prevents loyalty to foreign organizations.

This came in conjunction with the announcement of the “June 14 Harak” coordinations affiliated with President Qais Saeed, that she would hold a press conference later today, revealing the expected steps and objectives of the sit-in, which she plans to implement next Sunday in front of Parliament.

This movement made it clear on its official page on Facebook yesterday evening that it decided to carry out a secondary sit-in in front of the headquarters of the Renaissance movement, and in front of the headquarters of the country’s provinces, in addition to the main sit-in in the Bardo Square, the seat of the Tunisian parliament, stressing that all of these moves will be under the title “Tunisian youth rise up against Brotherhood to demand their dissolution and departure. ”

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