Two types of fruits on the market cause diarrhea .. Here’s the treatment


Pharmacist Baher Al-Saeed said that exposure has occurred diarrhea It is very likely in the summer, and it is not necessary to link it with the emerging coronavirus.

Al-Saeed said during his meeting with the providers of the “Inbox” program on Echo Al-Balad 2 that “there are two types of fruits that cause diarrhea during the summer, which are watermelon or peaches,” noting that nitazoxide is the best For the treatment of diarrhea For children and adults.

He added, “One of the advantages of nitazoxide is that it is anti-viral. This does not mean that it is a treatment for corona virus, but it is the most appropriate. For the treatment of diarrhea During the current period », pointing out that nitazoxide is suitable for children from 6 months.

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