US lawmakers are urging Trump to strictly enforce Caesar’s law


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On Monday, US Republicans and Democrats called on the administration of President Donald Trump to implement “strictly” the sanctions imposed on the Syrian regime under “Caesar’s Law“.

In particular, the law provides for freezing reconstruction aid and imposing sanctions on the Syrian regime and its cooperating companies unless the perpetrators of the violations are tried. The law also targets Russian and Iranian entities working with the Bashar al-Assad regime.

It comes into effect after days

And the “Caesar Law” signed by the US President in December will enter into force in mid-June.

On Monday, the two heads of the Foreign Affairs Committees of the House and Senate and their two deputies said in a joint statement that “the Syrian people have suffered for a long time, under the shadow of Assad and his Arabians.”

Republicans James Rich, Michael McCall, and Democrats Elliot Engel and Bob Menendez added in their statement that “the administration must implement the Caesar Law strictly and on time, until it reaches the system and those who maintain its existence are a message that Assad is still an outcast.”

The two senators and two deputies stressed that Assad “will never be a legal official (…) The regime and its Arabs must end the killing of innocents and give the Syrians a path of reconciliation, stability and freedom.”

55 thousand photos

“Caesar” is a pseudonym for a former cameraman for the Syrian Military Police who defected from the regime in 2013, bringing with him 55,000 pictures showing brutality and abuse in Syrian prisons.

The secret hearing of him in Congress in 2014 was the motive for drafting this law, which bore his name and was passed in 2019. During his appearance again before the Senate last March in a session in which he hidden his face and wore a sports jacket with a hood that exceeded his size, the defector called on Washington to move forward In punishing Damascus.

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