Usually ownership or emptiness .. Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday twice a year .. What is the secret?


94 years was completed today by Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, who can draw the attention of the world in every appearance especially for her adoration of colorful colorful clothes, which she uses as a weapon to defy time, and despite this age, she still celebrates her birthday every year as if she was born again.

The lenses of the British royal family photographers capture snapshots every year of Queen Elizabeth standing on the balcony of the palace saluting the fans who line up for the queen’s participation on this day, on June 13 of each year which is the official celebration of the Queen’s birthday, but in reality it is not the day the Queen was born Elizabeth II.

April 21, 1926 is the true date of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, and she celebrates this day in a special celebration that is restricted to members of the British royal family only and between her children and grandchildren, but postpones her official birthday celebration again with the masses on June 13 .. What is the secret of the Queen’s celebration Her birthday twice ?! .

The story goes back to 1748 when King George II assumed the throne of Britain, who was born in 1683 in November and the winter was striking across the country, so it was not possible to celebrate this occasion with the British people as the royal family used to do, and the establishment of George II’s birthday celebration was postponed The second week of June, and since then this custom has continued until now and is being implemented by the British family every year on the Queen’s birthday, according to the British newspaper, Express.

In June, the Queen’s birthday is celebrated with a show called “Trooping the Color

A military procession in their colorful uniforms walks through the side streets of the Royal Palace, and the fans line up to watch the show and share the Queen’s birthday celebration, and the British royal family stands in the room of Buckingham Palace mediated by Queen Elizabeth to watch the show and salute the procession and guards.

As for this year, in light of the coronary coronavirus, the Queen celebrated at the Royal Windsor Castle with members of the British family and a few of her guards. The military parade was held this year without the participation of the British public.


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