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We publish to you our followers in the homeland guide the date of the presentation of the series of the resurrection of Othman bin Artgrel, the penultimate 26th episode on the Turkish atv channel, where viewers are waiting impatiently for the new episode after witnessing the twenty-fifth episode last week, what was done by Osman and Gonuz who ambushed after he stormed Sofia and Supatay the Mongols To the Kai tribe, the announcement of Episode 26 came to arouse enthusiasm for the followers and a lot of suspense, as the announcement showed Sophia escaping from the tribe and her alliance with the Ghai again, the return of the fighter Turgut Alp and his joining with his fighters, and this is his first appearance in this part of the series of the Resurrection of Uthman.

Resurrection Osman 26 h

The most luxurious appearance 🔥🔥

The most luxurious appearance 🔥🔥

Gepostet vonFounder Osman – Kuruluş OsmanAm Montag, 15. Juni 2020

Turgut Alp is participating in the episode today and joins the star Burak Ozgvit, the main representative of Uthman’s resurrection.

Turkish media have indicated that episode 27 may be the last episode next week for this season, and the episode will witness great events that change the course of new episodes in the coming season.

The date of the series of the Resurrection of Othman, the twenty-sixth episode on ATV

The series “The Resurrection of Othman” is shown on Turkish atv channel at exactly nine oclock in Cairo and ten o’clock in Saudi Arabia. Watchers watch the latest developments in the story of the Resurrection of Othman series, which is watched by millions of viewers around the world.

It is expected that at the end of the series show for this season, it will return again at the end of the year 2020, as it is certain that the series will continue for five more seasons.

Episode 26, translated into Arabic, will be displayed on the Al-Nour website as soon as the episode ends on the Turkish ITV channel, so those who wish to know the events translated can follow the Nour website and the love story online via the Internet.

Turkish Atv channel frequency new update 2020

The satelliteHesitationpolarizationCoding rateFEC
KTV12692Horizontal27500 5/6
Leave the sat11628Horizontal275005/6
Nile Sat11678vertical275005/6


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