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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

Ahmed Al-Ghandour, presenter of the famous “Al-Duhayh” program, announced on Tuesday that his program had stopped after a period of success.

Al-Dahheeh achieved great success during the past years, and the producing company said that the stoppage of the program was due to production problems and because of the conditions experienced by media organizations in the world.

The statement of the producing company said: “We express our gratitude to Ahmed Al-Ghandour and his team. We thank you for following you from the heart, but our production plans do not allow the difficult stage the world is going to continue to spread Al-Dahil on sulfur.”

While Ahmed Al-Ghandour commented on his personal account on Twitter, saying: “Thank you very, very … for the beautiful and unique experience … Thank you to the great team.”

Who is Al-Dahil?

Ahmed Al-Ghandour is a researcher and YouTube content creator, born in 1994, known by the name of Al-Daheh. He studied Biology at the College of Science at the American University in Cairo and is currently working as a Master’s researcher at the University of Hong Kong.

the beginning

Ahmed Al-Ghandour began presenting his videos to YouTube in August 2014.

He says about his beginning, according to his previous statements: “The idea came from my participation in a scientific competition at the British Consulate as we present a scientific idea in three minutes, and my explanation won the admiration of many, and they asked me to make videos on YouTube.”

And the success of the matter increased after contracting with “AJ +” company to produce the content.

Success and prizes

Al-Ghandour or Al-Duhail managed to achieve great success with his videos, and his videos achieved millions of views.

Ghandour mixes the information or topics he talks about with comedy, and presents it differently.

The name of Ghandour was included in the list of the most influential people in the Arab world for the year 2018, and was chosen by the Arab Youth Center in the list of “Arab youth pioneers”, a list that includes “a group of young people who are not more than 35 years of age from various Arab countries, and they have a record of achievement With a positive impact on their societies. ”

El-Ghandour was chosen in the short list of the IBC World Prize 2019 for the most influential youth in the media, and the award is presented to those who “made a real impact with their passion, ambition, commitment and[يقدمون] A significant contribution to the media industry, be it creative, commercial or technical. ”

One of his most famous videos

The episodes offered by Al-Duha are distinguished by the diversity between speech in medicine, science, love, social matters, etc.


Al-Daheh presented a video about Corona at the beginning of the crisis and the spread of the virus in Egypt about how to deal with it and the advice of the World Health Organization, and what happened in the world when the Spanish flu emerged, and it gained nearly 5 million views.

Al-Dahil Al-Habib

In the video, he talked about love, bonding, and emotional affairs in a different comic fashion, and achieved nearly 2 million views.


He also discussed and talked about the crisis of the unit in a dramatic and informational way, and achieved more than 2 million views.

And for correcting dozens of videos that have been so successful you can watch from Here

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