Video .. “The Movie” is a bold step in the world of independent cinema


The pace of independent cinema is accelerating over recent years, that cinema that relied on poor production in exchange for rich topics, and with time it became for this revolutionary genre to precede its own audience, until it mixed with other films to find yourself unable to distinguish between independent cinema and commercial with large budgets .

In a new experience that deserves to be stopped, young director Ahmed Osama Awad Trailer released his film called “The Movie”, and despite his low budget, he managed to use imagination in an eye-catching image. This is the first time that a low-cost movie is exposed to the topic of “imagination”, a work that Starring a group of the young man in their first appearance; Osama Asaad, Arwa Al-Nimri, Kholoud Saoudi, Mohammed Yassin, Yousra Al-Masoudi.

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The director of the work, Ahmed Osama Awad, tells Al-Youm Al-Sabaa that the work is a mixture of drama and fiction, because we always imagine that the truth turns into a movie, but what if the opposite happens, as the story of one of the films and their imagination turns into reality, and this is what happened with the hero of the movie as he lives Screenplay of one of the horror films he composed.

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The story revolves around the character of Jamal Al-Sharif (Osama Asaad), the author of the cinema, who is characterized by violent and secodrama acts, who unfortunately finds himself living in one of the tales of his films after he meets Lucy (Arwa Al-Nimri) and Sally (Kholoud Saudi), who turn his life into a nightmare in which his friend, Chico, becomes involved. (Muhammad Yassin) after Suzi (Yousra Al Masoudi) left her boyfriend, Jamal Al Sharif.

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Ahmed Osama Awad is a director and author who graduated from the College of Applied Arts, then traveled to America to study cinema in the Department of Authorship and Directing at the American Academy of Arts, which is located in California, and during his studies at the Academy he had the opportunity to be a student of one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, which is (Diane Baker) She was among the protagonists of the famous movie “Silence of the Lambs”, and Awad also worked for a while as an author for one of the Hollywood authoring and dramatic treatment companies, the Cinematheque Apparence Company (Cinematic appearance).


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